Product FAQ

liquid silicone rubber suppliers

Q: Is your company a manufacturer?      

A: Yes,we are. meanwhile, we own professional R&D team.

Q: Do you accept custom requirements?

A: Yes, We have a professional R&D department with 21 Years experience

Q: Does your company provide samples?      

A: Yes

Q: How long can I expect to get the sample

A: Usually 2-4Workdays

Q: What’s your MOQ?

A: 500KG

Q: What’s your delivery date?

A: Usually 3-5 workdays,depend on the quantity

Q: How to delivery the liquid silicone rubber to me?    

A: Samples generally deliver by international express, a large number of goods can be transported by land or water.

Q: What is the quality and price of your product?  

A: Our product have a good quality and stable performance, with a cheap price and high quality,  there are a large number of market at home and abroad. Due to fluctuations in silicone rubber prices and it's not stable, the specific price have to ask customer service or contact us with E-mail.