1. Why the silicone mould turns to be stick?
The main reason for this problem is that we do not handle the products or original molds well. 
We whould deal with the mother mould carefully before molding. Such as for the products with a complicated patterns or unsmoothed surface, we whould polish and clearn the products, then spray the release agent. Normally, the release agnet can be Vaseline, detergent, liquid wax etc. In practial process, you can brush different release agent according to different material. 
The second reason is that the operator pour the silicone into the mold when the mixture is not mixed evernly, so the finished silicone mold will not cured and dried entirely.

2. What should we notice when we use the liquid silicone rubber to make silicone molds for sculpture?

Liquid silicone rubber contains some filler, if the liquid silicone rubber stored for long periods, it may produce a filler base .Please mix as much as possible before use. Hardening agent in contact with air is easy to cause hydrolysis, unused hard .Please put the bottle cap in time. Due to the temperature will affect the mold silicone rubber vulcanization speed, so you change  the amount of hardener from 1.5-3.0% . best temperature is 20℃-30℃.